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      Italiani in Nuova Zelanda
      e solo INZ o un Immigration Adviser può dare consigli in materia di visti:
      Who can give immigration advice? By law, any person that gives you immigration advice about New Zealand must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt.”

      If you use your knowledge of or personal experience in immigration matters to advise, assist, direct or represent a person, you will be providing ‘immigration advice’. This could include, for example:

      • using publicly available information to advise a person on an immigration matter
      • advising a person what visa they qualify for
      • advising a person how best to answer a question in the application form, or what additional information might best be included with the application

      Information becomes advice if you tailor it to an individual’s particular circumstances. ”

      Only a licensed immigration adviser or a person who is exempt from licensing can give advice on New Zealand immigration matters. This applies whether the advice is direct or indirect, and whether or not the advice is paid for.”

      se vuoi risposte CERTE in caso di dubbi per questioni sui visti
      Leggi con attenzione il sito dell’Immigrazione
      Leggi con attenzione il manuale operativo INZ Immigration New Zealand – manuale operativo
      Contatta direttamente Immigration New Zealand
      Contatta direttamente un Immigration Adviser:
      Se hai bisogno, ce ne sono anche di Italiani Ci sono Immigration adviser italiani?
      E alcuni consigliati da altri utenti Conoscete qualche agente dell’Immigrazione?

      Se hai ulterori domande vieni a trovarci sul gruppo Facebook: Italiani in Nuova Zelanda – aiuto!

      Cerchi una guida in italiano sul WHV in NZ? Eccola! Working Holiday Visa Nuova Zelanda

INZ & Visti
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